About Lifescapes
In the summer of 2015 I went on a solo bike trip from my house in Brussels to the house of a friend in Feuchtwangen. BRU - FEU, not by airplane, but by bike. Every place where I slept during this trip, I recorded some noise, trains, water, brushing, birds, church bells, speech, mobile phone (typing), crickets, rustling wood, cars, clocks, trams, roll-down shutters and etc. The soundscape is a rush of sounds and noise, against the rush of our daily-life. It's great the silence I met on this trip, along the Rhine- and Taube-banks, hills and mountains, industries, boats and human beings.
This composition makes a zoom-in from far outside the forest into a tree itself. “How does a three sound inside itself?” is the main question. How sound the roots, the trunk, at the end the photosynthesis? It's not by coincidence that this soundscape is made for its main part by 'granular synthesis', linking this as an ode to the ingenious system of photosynthesis; where a big part of the woods actually arise from a very small particularly thing; or where a large sound is made by small parts of another sound.